music industry data analysis scripts
midas is a suite of =Custom_Functions() for accessing artist popularity data from Pandora, Spotify, & Soundcloud directly inside google Sheets


Midas is a free Google Sheet Add-on that gives music industry professionals access to realtime popularity data from Pandora, Spotify, and Soundcloud (request more services here).

Google Sheets already offers hundreds of built-in functions like =AVERAGE, =SUM, or =VLOOKUP. After installing the add-on you will have access to dozens more — say, to pull-in Soundcloud followers for any artist in the world — to use directly inside Google Sheets like a built-in function. You can learn more about Google Custom Functions here

Midas was developed by Samir Rayani while teaching a workshop lecture for students at New York University and the Berklee College of Music. The lecture introduces concepts such as data retrieval, data cleaning, APIs, and producing insights at scale. During the interactive workshop, students create their own custom functions in a fully operational Google Sheet that pulls data from external streaming and social services. In March 2019, the code from the workshop was used to create Midas, now available to anyone, in the Google Sheet Add-On Store.

To date, more than 200 students have gone through the workshop. These are the slides from the most recent lecture:

Midas is built on top of the hard work of hundreds of people at Pandora, Spotify, and Soundcloud. To learn more about the APIs used by Midas, view the source code on Github.


Templates are sheets with pre-populated Midas functions. Please submit all template requests here. To use these templates, you must first install the add-on from the Google Sheet Add-On Store.

*the template will only load correctly after you have installed the add-on and chosen to use Midas in the document from the Add-On Manager.


Midas is 100% free and open source under the MIT License. Please submit all feature requests and issues here.